The Unsung Hero of Birth

Helping expecting mothers feel confident, positive and empowered about the birth of their baby is a huge part of why I teach hypnobirthing. This confidence is enhanced by having a birthing companion who is a great support through the experience and it is these unsung heroes, which I wanted to talk about.

It was my husband who always referred to beetroot as being the unsung hero of salads and it just seemed to stick with me. So, as I write this blog about my husband and his amazing support as my birth companion, it reminds me of the beetroot and how he too is an unsung hero… but in this case, birthing rather than salad.

I believe women are amazing and our bodies are truly incredible the way they work so beautifully in harmony with our baby in the birthing process. However, like any physical activity, this is challenging work and requires preparation and tools to calm and relax through the intensity and focus on the task at hand. So, hats off to all those women out there doing an incredible job. But, with every amazing hypnobirthing mum is an amazing hypnobirthing support person working closely beside helping to also bring this little bub safely and calmly into the world.

The hypnobirthing course gave my husband the opportunity to get fully involved and become a real part of the birthing process. We worked as a team! In the lead-up to the birth of both of our children, my husband would read birth affirmations, fear release and relaxation scripts, he would do light touch massage and most importantly he was right beside me through the entire course learning and being empowered just as much as I was. We experienced the course together and as a result we were completely on the same page through the birthing process. He knew what I wanted and didn’t want and I felt very secure and confident that he was my advocate.

I remember having a meeting with the head of obstetrics about my eligibility to have a breech vaginal birth at the hospital with my second pregnancy. Luckily, I was accepted, although it came with conditions and I was to have a room full of doctors for the safety of my baby as well as education for those doctors who were not trained in delivering a breech baby. I was also given a lot of pressure to go into labour even though I was only 38 weeks, so it was suggested by the head of obstetrics to have a ‘strip and sweep’. This was something I had researched and decided against at this early stage. My husband was also aware of my decision and answered ‘no’ to the question before I did – not to be an overpowering, dominant male, but instead knowing my views and wanting to protect me, given the somewhat stressful hospital visits that had been increased to every second day. The female physician was mortified by my husband’s quick response on my behalf… but I knew! This was my unsung hero being there as a constant support through the entire process.

When it came to the day of my son’s birth he remained in the breech position and the plan was to still deliver him feet first at the hospital, however he came very fast – too fast in fact and I birthed him at home with only my husband there to catch him.  Together my husband and I, with our baby, worked to successfully and calmly bring our beautiful baby into the world. The support that I received from my partner was invaluable and an experience that we will cherish for life. So, hats off to those amazing women out there, but let’s not forget our wonderful birth companions who are doing a magnificent job.

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