What is hypnobirthing and how can it help me?

Hypnobirthing is a calm, positive and natural approach to childbirth. It is about eliminating the fears you may have about childbirth and empowering you and your birth companion with knowledge, tools, support and preparation so that you can confidently make informed decisions about the birth of your baby and put yourself in the driver’s seat. Hypnobirthing gives you valuable tools to help you stay calm and relaxed. This allows your body to release positive hormones to more easily open, which can remove the need for medical intervention and therefore your body and baby can naturally and beautifully work together and do the job they are designed to do. These tools also help you to positively deal with whatever turn your birthing will take, helping you to refocus and calmly adjust to changes so you can have a birth experience that is one to cherish.


The ‘hypno’ refers to the use of hypnotherapy in the course. It helps you to release fear and tension and change preconceived, negative thoughts and encourages a positive mindset, self-confidence and awareness. Hypnosis is a process like meditation – you are conscious and awake, although you show signs of being emotionally and physically relaxed. The use of hypnotherapy in birthing is not a new concept, in fact it was first introduced by an English obstetrician Grantly Dick-Read in his work in the 1930’s. He then went on to publish the book Childbirth Without Fear in 1942, which became an international bestseller. Hypnotherapy will create a more calm and relaxed birthing experience, because the tools will help you to focus internally on the task at hand and shut out all unwanted disruptions. Furthermore, because hypnotherapy allows you to create a new belief system along with a positive mindset you can birth without fear.

You and your birth companion are guided through techniques of self-hypnosis, which you will be able to call upon to assist you, not only before and during the birth of your baby, but even in the future – these techniques are tools for life. The preparation of mind and body that you gain from hypnobirthing is just as important and necessary as an athlete gets out of her mental and physical preparation before an athletic event. You are preparing for the birth of your baby… one of the most amazing and cherished moments of your life. I believe it is truly invaluable to invest time in your mental and physical preparation.

The Hypnobirthing Australia™ course also incorporates breathing techniques, visualisations, acupressure and light touch massage. It gives your birthing companion the amazing opportunity to be involved in these aspects and learn how to become an effective support, which is so important and beneficial to you having a calm birth, but also very empowering for your birth companion. Together you can share in a great connection and bond as you welcome your baby into the world. I believe that every birthing mother and her companion deserve to have a positive birth experience to look back on and treasure and it is through the knowledge, tools, support and preparation of hypnobirthing that will help you achieve this goal.

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