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Kate’s Birth Story – I reached down to find a little leg had gently graced my hand

Being my second pregnancy and hypnobirthing experience, I really thought the birth of my son would be a much easier and less eventful than my first.  I never imagined I would have a breech baby; let alone have the confidence to birth him naturally in the breech position; and furthermore birth him unexpectedly at home … Continue reading Kate’s Birth Story – I reached down to find a little leg had gently graced my hand

Kara’s Beautiful 4.8kg Baby – Birth Story

This was Kara and Anthony’s 2nd baby. Kara was induced for her 1st birth and there was cascade of interventions that she was hoping to avoid for her 2nd birth, so they came to Positively Hypnobirthing to do the Hypnobirthing Australia™ course. They did such an amazing job at coping with pressures during the lead up to the … Continue reading Kara’s Beautiful 4.8kg Baby – Birth Story

Lara’s Amazing Hypnobirth

How many women tell you that they had an amazing birth? We're overwhelmed with horror stories the moment you announce your pregnancy to the world, and it's no wonder women are turning to birthing methods that help minimise the pain of labour. When you're continually told that it is the hardest thing you'll ever do … Continue reading Lara’s Amazing Hypnobirth

The Unsung Hero of Birth

Helping expecting mothers feel confident, positive and empowered about the birth of their baby is a huge part of why I teach hypnobirthing. This confidence is enhanced by having a birthing companion who is a great support through the experience and it is these unsung heroes, which I wanted to talk about. It was my … Continue reading The Unsung Hero of Birth