About the classes:

Classes are held at my teaching space in Helensvale or Fire Shaper yoga studio in Oxenford (North Gold Coast). 
Mother and the birth partner attend the sessions together, so they can both build trust and confidence in the birth process and techniques being taught.
I personally run the classes and take you through the course 
I teach the classes over 4 weeks – a 3 hour session each week. I believe this is the best way to learn the techniques, as it allows time to absorb the information and gain practise in between sessions.
The ideal time to commence the course is between 20 & 30 weeks pregnant. However if you are further along in your pregnancy, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss options. It is never too late to start – in fact I attended a hypnobirthing course between 31 and 35 weeks.

Let’s get your birth partner learning some light touch massage to help you to remain calm by releasing endorphins, which are our pain-relieving hormones.