Change of Circumstances

Hypnobubs®️ Change of Circumstances Online Course

If you have already completed a hypnobirthing course and have had a change of circumstances (now require a c-section for the safe arrival of your baby) – then this course is made especially for you!

This adapted version of (a shortened version of our WORLD FIRST ‘Positive Cesarean Online Course’) provides you with additional resources and training so that you can build on the knowledge, tools, support and a positive mindset that you already have in preparation for a calm and positive birth experience. This course will complement what you have already learnt and ensure that you are very well prepared for a calm and positive caesarean birth.

Contrary to what some people believe; you do have options, and your choices can have a huge effect on your state of mind as you birth, the atmosphere of the room, your comfort and baby’s introduction to the world. Birth can, and should be an experience that you will always want to remember!


  • 9 x comprehensive video lessons:
    • Module: Introduction. How to use your new tracks and utilize the tools and preparation you have already acquired through prior training for a very positive cesarean birth.
    • Module: Knowledge is Power (birthing preferences and current research)
    • Module: Support Crew (the importance of having open communication with our caregivers and the role of our birth partner)
    • Module: Releasing Fears (your opportunity to release any fears and reservations that could potentially hold you back from having the positive birth that you desire)
    • Module: Preparation – the Key to Success! (we will bring all of our learnings together and set out a practice routine so that you are well prepared for this birth)
  • the eBook hypnobubs™ The Positive Cesarean Birth
  • 5 x long-play mp3 practice tracks for pregnancy and birth
  • practical exercises and a birth rehearsal (so you can practice the techniques together)
  • downloadable course materials
  • worksheets
  • online support

We do also have a full ‘Positive Cesarean Birth Course’ available for parents who haven’t previously attended a hypnobirthing course and wish to acquire the full knowledge, tools, support, mindset and a method of preparation for a ‘positive’ caesarean birth. However, if you’ve already completed one of our full courses – then this Change of Circumstances Online Course is designed especially for you!






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